25 March Nursing Times Online Careers Fair

Receive a learning unit of your choice, worth £12 and 2 hours of CPD when you attend the Nursing Times Jobs Online Careers Fair

Register for the Nursing Times Online Careers Fair today for free and give your career a boost. All attendees of the careers fair will receive a learning unit of your choice. 

How it works
After you’ve attended the event, you’ll receive an email from Nursing Times Jobs detailing how you can claim your unit.  All you have to do is choose 1 unit from the list of below (worth £12)  and complete the learning unit. After this, you’ll receive a certificate stating that you’ve completed 2 hours of CPD points.  Do make sure that you’re registered on the Nursing Times website so that we can then add the unit to your account.

If you have any questions, please email Nicola.goulsbra@emap.com 
Units for you to choose:

  • Advances in Constipation Treatment www.nursingtimes.net/constipation
  • Anaemia of Chronic Disease www.nursingtimes.net/anaemia-chronic 
  • Anaemia of Chronic Kidney Disease www.nursingtimes.net/anaemiakidney 
  • Diarrhoea: Assessment and Management www.nursingtimes.net/diarrhoea
  • Discharge Planning: Getting it right for the patient www.nursingtimes.net/discharge
  • Drug Calculations in Practice: www.nursingtimes.net/drugcalculations
  • Falls prevention and management www.nursingtimes.net/falls
  • Nutrition screening www.nursingtimes.net/nutritionscreening
  • Obesity: an introduction to management in adults: www.nursingtimes.net/obesity
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention www.nursingtimes.net/pressureulcers
  • Record Keeping: www.nursingtimes.net/record-keeping
  • Respiratory failure: www.nursingtimes.net/respfailure
  • Venous Thromboembolism Prevention www.nursingtimes.net/VTE

If you are interested in the above units and want to give your career a boost. Register for the Nursing Times Online Careers Fair today at bit.ly/NTCareers and see what opportunities are available to you.


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